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Many employers require drug testing as part of their pre-employment assessment process, and may include periodic random drug testing and for-cause and post-accident drug and alcohol testing as part of their company’s workplace substance abuse program.  Nearly 75% of all adult illicit drug users are employed, as are most binge and heavy alcohol users1 and problems related to alcohol and drug abuse cost American businesses roughly $81 billion in lost productivity in just one year2
For Employers
Drug and alcohol use by employees result in:

  • Risk, safety and liability issues
  • Loss of production
  • Higher absenteeism and consistent tardiness
  • Increased worker’s compensation costs and claims
  • Increased incidences of theft, embezzlement and other crimes
  • Higher employee turnover
  • Employee behavior issues that affect a company’s morale, culture and image

In fact, industries with the highest rates of drug use are the same as those at a high risk for occupational injuries, such as construction, mining, manufacturing and wholesale3.  These same employers must also be diligent in screening, monitoring and caring for prospective candidates and employees who may work in high risk occupations through more specialized occupational health testing.


ExperTox® is the single source laboratory solution for human resources and safety professionals, as well as staffing firms and professional employer organizations (PEOs).  We make life easier for employers to create, implement and execute strong drug-free workplace and safety programs that align with your company’s specific needs and requirements. 

Tests and services commonly requested by employers, staffing agencies and PEOs include:


ExperTox understands that time is money, and our fast test results get your prospective job candidates on-the-job quicker.  Our online result reporting system notifies you immediately when a test result has been released from the lab, so any employer’s administrator can immediately access the results through our secure system.

ExperTox’s wide variety of testing services and ability to test different types of alternative specimens offer employers new opportunities to save money, reduce liability, improve workplace safety, increase productivity and provide a healthy work environment great employees will want to thrive in.

1 National Institute of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,

2 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

3U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration


Want to know how a hair collection is performed or want to understand the differences between alternative specimens used in drug testing?  Visit our Resources Page under Forms & Protocols for user-friendly videos

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