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Have you ever lived through a situation where you thought no one could help you, and you were stuck in a world of frustration, stress, worry or fear? 

We hear these stories all the time:


  • “My daughter went to a fraternity party and came home very disheveled and unresponsive.  She can’t remember anything that happened and we’re concerned.  Can you tesSamplet her to see if she was given a date rape drug?”


  • “I think my spouse is poisoning me.  Our relationship has not been going well and I have been ill for a month now.”

  •  “I found a mirror on my wife’s vanity and notice there are streaks of white powder on it.  She has been acting unusual lately.  Can you test it to see if she’s been using drugs?”


  • “The news announced that the water in our city has high levels of arsenic.  Can you test our family to see if we’ve been affected?”

The stories go on and in many cases are touched with a unique twist.  This is why ExperTox specializes in helping our customers find answers to their personal questions through our diverse and customizable toxicology testing solutions. 

Since ExperTox® is a forensic laboratory, we are also able to help you test even the most uncommon samples.  Most drug and alcohol testing labs will only accept standard specimens such as urine, oral fluid or blood.  Our forensic expertise allows us to test many types of samples, from biological to materials.


For a more extensive overview of our Tests and Services, please visit our Tests and Services or Specialty Tests  pages.


Contact us to see if testing is an option for your particular situation, 1-877-973-7869 (XPE-RTOX) or  We’re here to help.


Learn More About Our Unknown Substances and Unknown Poisons & Toxins Analyses

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