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Loretta Anderson, President


Loretta Anderson

Loretta Anderson earned her MBA and BS in Industrial Engineering, launching her career in environmental remediation and project management.  She was responsible for managing the regulatory and corporate interfaces on several Superfund and State-led remediation projects in Texas, including the MOTCO and Brio Refining Projects.  Loretta played a key role in a wetlands restoration project that resulted in development of the 240+ acre Highland Bayou Park. 

In 1993, she started her first business, Anderson Enterprises, which performed a wide range of environmental project management for both domestic and international clients.  Loretta started ExperTox in 1996 out of Baylor College of Medicine.  Its first major project was for CANDO, testing women with breast implants who became ill for no apparent reason.  ExperTox® completed a study that proved these women were afflicted with platinum poisoning, not the silicone originally suspected in these types of cases.  These findings were published by the FDA and lead to more stringent implant product disclosures. 

Loretta’s business background, expertise in toxic exposures blended with a strong toxicology team led to ExperTox’s current laboratory in Deer Park, offering an ever-growing menu of toxicology tests and services. 

She is a strong supporter of The Rose, a non-profit breast cancer organization; and The Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a non-profit women’s and children’s shelter for those subject to domestic abuse and violence.

 Dr. Ernest Lykissa, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Director and Lead Scientist


Loretta Anderson

Dr. Ernest Lykissa earned his PhD at the University of Montreal in 1979 in Medicine, Experimental Surgery and Molecular Pharmacology.  Dr. Lykissa is a highly-trained professional in the field of forensic toxicology with over thirty years of professional experience. 

He has held appointments as the Associate Professor and the Director of the Toxicology Laboratory, Department of Pathology at Baylor College of Medicine. 

He has directed NIDA (SAMHSA) and CAP certified laboratories in the fields of drug testing and analytical toxicology.  His experience in federal and private laboratory inspection programs keeps him well abreast of the latest regulations and trends in the toxicology and drug testing industry. 

Over Dr. Lykissa’s career, he has developed and published many analytical methods including those for marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine and propranolol, and wrote a highly-recognized 2006 publication in analytical chemistry based on Platinum Toxicity in Humans Associated with Silicone and Saline Breast Implants. 

Also, he is a noted expert witness, testifying in hundreds of forensic cases.  Click here to view Dr. Lykissa’s extensive curriculum vitae.







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ExperTox now offers detection tests for synthetic cannabinoids found in herbal incense products such as K2 and Spice.

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