One-Of-A-Kind Differences

ExperTox® is your single source laboratory solution for comprehensive toxicology testing and occupational health services. Our purpose is to provide fast, accurate answers to people that affect our health, wellness, safety and relationships.

Whether you are a family member, employer, doctor, attorney or other professional, you expect to understand the testing process you are about to begin. We make every effort to keep the high-tech science “behind the scenes”, guiding and supporting our customers with attention and care.

How is ExperTox uniquely different from other toxicology laboratories?



  • Personalized, Not Just Standardized
    • Standard to Custom Testing Panels Available
    • Consultative Customer Support
    • No Automated Telephone System


  • Alternative Specimen Options Fill Many Needs
    • Standard Urine or Blood
    • Lab-Based Oral Fluid
    • Hair
    • Fingernails or Toenails
    • Meconium
    • Other Unusual Specimens


  • Fast Test Results
    • Online Result Reporting
      • Easy
      • No Wait
    • 24 Hour Negative Screens and 48 Hour Positive Confirmations*


  • 24/7/365 Emergency Onsite Services

  • Forensic Toxicology Capabilities and Accreditation/DEA Licensed


The testing process can be complex, challenging and emotional. Let us help you get an answer quickly, confidently and through a trusted source.

Call ExperTox now at 1-877-973-7869 (XPE-RTOX), For Your Health & Ours™

*From time of sample receipt at the lab; turnaround time quoted for most drug tests, not including unknown substance or unknown poison/toxin analyses.


ExperTox is now testing for Synthetic Cannabinoids

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